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Maintenance of knife grinder

06 Mar,2020

As a kind of commonly used machine, the grinder actually needs to be maintained in order to be used well for a long time. Next, let's learn about the relevant knowledge.

Maintenance of knife grinder

In order to maintain the grinder, first of all, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to its parts, especially the track plate, so as to prevent long-term wear and failure, resulting in the abnormal use of the machine. Secondly, after each use, it needs to be cleaned thoroughly. After grinding, there will be a lot of waste residue and foam. If we do not deal with it in time and effectively, long-term accumulation will affect our use of knife grinder. It is also very important to check the grinder frequently and replace it in time in case of any damage.

Mechanical equipment is easy to wear and tear, so we should pay attention to its maintenance in order to effectively extend its service life and better use.

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