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Common faults of veneer dryer and troubleshooting

03 Jan,2020

Veneer dryer is the commonly used equipment for drying veneer by rotating and cutting. It is inevitable that there is a failure. As long as we find out the cause of the failure and then start to give a reasonable solution, the problem will be solved. Let's take a look at the common faults and troubleshooting methods of veneer dryer.

1. After drying, the moisture content of the veneer is still very high, we need to adjust the production capacity of the dryer, increase or reduce the heat supply.

2. If the meshing clearance between the big and small gears is too large, it will affect the normal use to a certain extent. Check whether the tug and the block wheel are worn. If the pinion is seriously worn, install or replace the new gear on the opposite side according to the worn situation.

3. There are two reasons for the whole body vibration of the veneer dryer. Check whether the connection between the tugboat device and the base is misplaced, adjust and fasten the connection parts to make the position correct; if there is wear on the side of the roll ring, replace the new roll ring according to the degree of wear.

In the process of using the veneer dryer, there may be other problems. If they cannot be solved by themselves, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer to help solve them. Do not dismantle and repair them blindly.

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