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What is the role of rotary peeling machine in plywood production

16 Sep,2019

In the production of plywood, the rotary peeling machine is an irreplaceable equipment. It mainly cuts wood and obtains veneers. Now many wood-based panels replace sawpanels. The use of wood-based panels is convenient, wide and many characteristics are incomparable with sawpanels.

 rotary peeling machine

The production process of plywood is rather complicated. First, the wet logs are processed by rotary peeling machine to obtain veneers, and then the dryed veneer surface is repaired and spliced into specifications. Then, the veneer is cold pressed, hot pressed, sawn and sanded by the glue coating machine. This is the production process of plywood. In this process, the role of the rotary peeling machine is very big, with the veneer of the rotary peeling, the following processes can be carried out.

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