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What is the maintenance of the cold press?

16 Dec,2019

Plywood cold press is a necessary production equipment in modern plywood production enterprises, which has a long service life and simple and convenient maintenance. However, the maintenance of plywood cold press is necessary, which can effectively avoid mechanical failure. Linyi Guoyu Co., Ltd. summarized the shift maintenance of the cold press for the majority of users and shared with you:

cold press machine

1. The cold press must be cleaned after each shift to keep the lifting screw rod clean.

2. Lubricate worm gear, worm and lifting screw rod with calcium base grease every week. The lifting screw rod and nut shall be frequently filled with 30 × oil.

3. The oil level of the oil cylinder shall be kept between 25 mm and 45 mm. If the oil level is lower than 25 mm, the hydraulic oil shall be filled. When filling the oil cylinder, the block with height greater than 100 mm must be padded between the upper and lower parts before oil filling

4. In addition to the need to pay attention to the operation of the cold press, regular maintenance is also required for replacement. After each shift is completed, the cold press must be cleaned to keep the lifting screw rod clean.

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