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How to install the cutter and how to nibble the cutter for peeling machine

13 Dec,2019

When installing the cutter for the rotary cutter, first put the cutter into the cutter slot, then screw on one of the nuts, use an equal height device equivalent to the height of the center line of the clamping shaft as the standard, rotate the jack bolt, set the height of the cutters at both ends, and then set the height of the middle. Then tighten all nuts. Note: the middle part of the blade should be 0.1-0.2mm higher than the two ends, so as to avoid bending due to extruding the wood section when the turning diameter is small.

peeling machine

Check whether the height of the knife is appropriate. Use the height equalizer to measure. The arm height of the height equalizer is equivalent to the height from the center line of the machine clamping shaft to the machine base. It can also be measured with a knife height tester, which is assembled with a level gauge and a screw micrometer. When measuring the height of the knife, first place one end of the level gauge on the surface of the clamping shaft, rotate the micrometer extension bar on the knife edge, and adjust the height of the jacking knife. If the blister of the level gauge is in the center position, it means that the height of the knife is consistent with the central line of the clamping shaft.

peeling machine

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