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Cleaning and maintenance of hot press

02 Dec,2019

When the equipment of the hot press manufacturer is finished, in order to extend the service life of the hot press, we need to regularly maintain the equipment and clean the hot press. What should we do?
Before cleaning the hot press, the power should be turned off first, and the hot press size should be cleaned to extend its service life. Clean and check whether the connection is normal and whether there is oil leakage. Check whether there is any abnormal condition before starting operation every day. The wear or incorrect installation of rubber seal ring is the direct cause of oil leakage of oil cylinder; the damage or incorrect position of piston surface is the indirect cause, which needs to be replaced in time.

Under the condition that the piston surface is good, the service life of the correctly installed rubber sealing ring of the hot press manufacturer can reach more than 6 months, which is the product information we should focus on in the application of the hot press.
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