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CNC precision automatic grinding machine

06 Nov,2019

The automatic grinding machine tool is a CNC precision sharpening machine tool developed by the company itself. The machine adopts precision linear guide rails to make the sharpening of the sharpening of the blade more precise, the cutting edge is more favorable, and the blade is more durable.

The left and right travel device of the machine tool adopts gear rack and frequency conversion transmission, and the speed can be freely adjusted, so that the machine tool walks more smoothly.

The machine uses a powerful electromagnetic chuck to fix the blade more smoothly, and it saves the time of bolting with a bolt, which saves manpower.

The machine adopts the computer numerical control precision feeding method. When the blade is adjusted to start the sharpening, the automatic feeding mode can be automatically grinded by the grinding wheel without manual operation, saving labor for about 40 minutes.

The machine adopts a numerical control computer panel, which can set the preset grinding amount, grinding ratio, number of alarms and polishing times before grinding the blade. The machine can automatically perform the rough grinding before the machine is automatically turned on. Fine grinding, after the grinding is completed, the alarm prompts to start polishing. After the polishing is completed, the automatic shutdown will be completed all at once without the need of personnel guarding, which not only saves manpower, but also ensures the precision of the blade grinding, and will not be unguarded or forgotten. The blade is damaged and wasted.



Full-automatic Grinding Machine Parameters
maximun grinding length 1600mm
area of working bentch:length * width 1550*180mm
adjustable angle of operating cutter table +-90°
power of grinding head motor 5.5kw
gross power about 12.5kw
reciprocating speed of grinding speed about 0 to 20m/min (Frequency conversion adjustable)
extermal dimension(mm) 5500*1500*1500mm
total weight about 3000kg


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