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Core edge grinder machine plywood machine

09 Oct,2019

The edges of core veneers are not flat after drying,the core edge grinder machine can cut the edges to straight and make the surface of plywood very smoothly to improve the plywood quality.

Core edge grinder machine Core edge grinder machine

Core edge grinder machine


Name parameters
Grinding thickness 0.8-5.0mm
Grinding width 5-30mm
Sanding belts line speed 2051m/min
Material bonding speed 3.57-35.7m/min
Inverter motor 2.2kw*1 set
Sanding belts motor 2.2kw*2 sets
Dedusting motor 2.2kw*1 set
Total power 8.8kw
Machine weight 1000kgs
Overall dimension 2490*1100*1620mm


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