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Double head knife grinder

06 Mar,2020

The knife grinder is the equipment often used by plate enterprises. After a period of use, the blade of the rotary cutter is no longer so sharp. The veneer produced by the rotary cutter will have quality problems, so it is necessary to use the knife grinder to grind the blade well. The double head grinder is a knife grinder produced and supplied by Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. This machine tool is a kind of economical and practical grinding machine developed and manufactured by our company, which has few durable failure rate. It is suitable for special knife grinding factory, large rotary cutting factory, plate factory and large printing and paper cutting factory.

Double head knife grinder

The machine tool adopts double-layer national standard steel plate for welding and vibration failure treatment. It is equipped with super strong electromagnetic chuck. When the blade is placed on the workbench and the chuck switch is opened, the blade will be firmly adsorbed on the workbench, which saves the time of pressing the blade with bolts. The blade grinding is smoother and has better straight edge. In the process of blade grinding, no personnel operation is required, and the grinding wheel grinding compensation can be carried out by itself Now automatic grinding, saving about 40 minutes of labor.

Suitable for: large scale processing plant, large scale rotary cutting plant, plate plant, large-scale printing and paper cutting plant.

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