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Automatic veneer peeling knife grinder

07 Apr,2020

In the various parts of veneer veneer rotary cutting machine, the blade is frequently used and prone to problems. Now there are many kinds of wood used in plywood production. Some materials have high hardness, and the blade often appears in the process of veneer rotary cutting. The more you use it, the more blunt it becomes. So a good grinder is very necessary for plywood enterprises.

Automatic veneer peeling knife grinder

1. The working table adopts the electromagnetic suction cup jointly produced by China and Japan, which has strong suction and small heat.
2. The main motor is a special grinding head motor with high precision and simple maintenance.
3. Double pad design, lock the electromagnetic chuck, and make the grinding knife more stable.
4. Precision rack, gear drive and grinding head run more smoothly.
5. Schneider contactor in France, a world-famous electrical brand, has no doubt about its quality and performance.
6. Siemens button in Germany, Schneider contactor in France, reliable and durable.
7. The lifting of grinding head motor is realized by ball screw. There is no gap between the lifting and the lifting, so as to ensure that the knife can not be dropped all the year round.
8. The stroke of grinding head is controlled by frequency converter, which can realize rough grinding, fine grinding and speed adjustment.




型号 SM1815
Maximum grinding length 1500mm
Table width 180mm
Table angle range Plus or minus 90 degrees
Motor power of grinding head 4KW
Linear speed of grinding wheel 15m/S
Slide speed Infinitely variable speed
Boundary dimension (mm) 3300*1400*1400
Weight (kg) 1980
China Plywood Machinery Manufacturer