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Electromagnetic CNC grinding machine

06 Jan,2020

Electromagnetic CNC grinding machine is suitable for straight blade of cutting machines such as edge grinding and rotary cutting machine, paper cutting machine, crusher, plastic machine, plate cutting machine, planer, etc. the grinding machine series adopts carbon steel, the processed gantry structure fuselage, the grinding head transmission and positioning can be adjusted, and the guide rail passes through the fine scraping and grinding process, so that the service life of the whole machine is long. The aircraft turbine deceleration system is adopted, and the rack back and forth makes the stroke transmission stable.

electromagnetic CNC grinding machine

The automatic device of the whole machine is convenient and fast. It is suitable for the polishing and precision machining of the straight edge cutting tools such as the rubber cutter of woodworking rotary cutter, the paper-making and printing cutter, the textile carpet cutter, the fiber plastic crusher, the guide rail test mold gasket and other straight workpieces.

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