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Build a complete set of plywood machinery equipment with international first-class technology

13 Jul,2020

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. Designed, manufactured and installed by Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd., a complete set of equipment with an annual output of 150000 m3 high density fiberboard material preparation section was successfully tested. This is the second complete set of equipment for wood preparation in the world after the successful production line of 150000 T / a poplar chemical mechanical pulp provided by Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Build a complete set of plywood machinery equipment with international first-class technology

With the attention of many leaders, employees, other peers and technicians of the owner Willy bond wood industry, a truck of logs with skin of about 3m in length is sent into a chain type timber puller with a length of more than 20 meters, and then evenly sent into a drum type peeling machine with a diameter of 4m and a length of 15m. About ten minutes later, the hydraulic discharge door at the other end of the peeling drum is opened, and the peeled wood is evenly transported out by the discharge chain conveyor, and then sent to the roller table conveyor. At this time, the residual bark on the log is cleaned by the iron nails on the roller, and falls onto the bark conveyor belt below through the gap between the rollers, and then transported to the matching bx346 bark crusher. The bark is crushed and then transported to the energy plant. The cleaned logs are then sent to the belt conveyor equipped with metal detector by roller table conveyor. At this time, if the wood contains metal, the conveying system will automatically alarm and stop working, and the metal will be cleaned manually. After being detected by metal detector, the wood is transported to the feeding roller table conveyor, and then it is sent to the entrance of bx2113 / 11 drum chipper with an hourly output of 128m3. In an instant, logs were cut into regular pieces about 3cm long by drum chipper. The chips are transported to the belt conveyor from the bottom of the chipper, and then transported to the chip shaker. After screening, the chips are continuously sent to the next process, and finally high-quality high-density fiberboard is produced.

In recent years, Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has engaged a group of domestic first-class wood preparation experts and scholars to gather together to fully absorb the most advanced technology in the world. After several years of research and development, Linyi Guoyu machinery has made outstanding achievements in the development of complete sets of equipment in wood preparation section of wood-based panel and pulp industry, and has become the only international complete equipment manufacturer for wood preparation section.

Guoyu machinery provides a complete set of technology, equipment and services for the preparation section of wood-based panel and pulping production line, including drum type log peeling machine series, drum type and disc chipper series, wood chip shaker and re crusher series, slicer and grinder series, various conveying equipment in wood-based panel and pulping industry, with reliable performance and leading domestic similar products in technology. The designers of Guoyu machinery are bold and innovative in design, and fully absorb the advantages of foreign products and the suggestions of users. In Guoyu machinery's chipper, peeling machine and other large-scale equipment, Guoyu robots are finely made and equipped with first-class electrical components such as SKF shaft in Sweden

Bearing, sew reducer, Siemens control, HMI human-machine interface, FESTO hydraulic parts, etc., to ensure the reliability of product performance. And imported equipment

By comparison, Guoyu machinery products have obvious cost performance advantages. Therefore, more and more users choose Guoyu machinery products instead of imported equipment. Some world-class equipment manufacturers of wood-based panel and pulp production lines, such as Dieffenbach and Andritz, have also extended their cooperation projects to Baolong.

In Malaysia, Indonesia, India, etc., the products of Guoyu machinery are welcomed by the majority of users at home and abroad. Guoyu machinery will continue to innovate high-quality products and services to all users!

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