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Introduction to installation process of numerical control edge sawing machine for plywood machinery

08 Jul,2020

Plywood machinery CNC edge sawing machine in the purchase of a certain amount of installation, next we will follow the CNC Saw Edge machine manufacturers to understand how to carry out reasonable installation.

Introduction to installation process of numerical control edge sawing machine for plywood machinery

Before installing the full-automatic edge sawing machine, it is necessary to excavate the floor groove of the lifting platform at the appropriate position in the plant, and its length and position need to be customized according to the size of the automatic edge sawing machine. Then the parts of the full-automatic edge sawing machine are transported to the installation factory for installation. After the installation is completed, the on-site adjustment is carried out to ensure the normal operation of the machine and test the quality of the plate edge cutting.

Our plywood machinery CNC edge sawing machine manufacturers here can provide you with good products, as long as you carry out reasonable and standardized use, it can be very good to ensure the quality of its use.

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