The detailed introduction of rotary cutting machine will let you know more

The rotary cutting machine is a multi blade saw machine for professional plate processing. It adopts up and down roller conveying. The height of the feed inlet can be adjusted freely between 1-25cm, and the processing width is 6-40cm. The width can be customized unlimited. The processing specification of the rotary cutting machine can be adjusted freely. The thinnest processing thickness can reach 8mm. The dimension standard of the cut plate is within 0.3mm , the surface is smooth, no need to planed again, saving working procedure.

It is easy to operate and can be operated by ordinary labor, with high processing efficiency. The average output of finished products is about 2.5 cubic meters per hour. One multi blade saw can reach the output of four traditional band saws, saving a lot of labor costs for the enterprise. It is suitable for processing solid wood specification boards, wood floors, wooden pallets, wooden keel, building formwork, solid wood panel, finger joint boards and other solid wood processing enterprises. The rotary cutting machine has become a large number of integrated machines Necessary production equipment for wood processing enterprises.