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How to adjust plywood machinery manufacturers

16 Jun,2020

How to adjust the blade of veneer lathe with card, let our lathe ensure our economic development, but how to adjust the blade?

How to adjust plywood machinery manufacturers

1. Loosen the pressing bolts on both sides of the single box (single knurled roll table) of the rotary cutting machine, hold the insert knife and the single knurled roll with a feeler gauge, and adjust the adjusting screws on both ends of the single box so that the gap between the knife seams is equal to or slightly greater than the thickness of the peeled leather.

2. Use a feeler gauge to check the gap between the knife and the knurled roller to see whether the two ends are consistent. If not, adjust the adjustment wires on both sides of the knife table to make the knife seams on both sides consistent.

The rotary cutting machine has the advantages of reasonable structure and convenient manual operation. The welding of thickened steel plate driven by roughening lead screw has the advantages of good peeling uniformity. It is an important part of veneer veneer veneer veneer veneer lathe. Since the back angle of the rotary cutter changes with the diameter of the wood section in the process of rotary cutting, when measuring the back angle of the rotary cutter, the diameter of the wood section shall be measured at the same time, and then the rotary cutter of the rotary cutter shall be installed. The height of the cutter can be adjusted ahead of time, and no need to be adjusted after the machine is installed, so the loading process is the key.

The rapid development of science and technology has greatly met our needs in all aspects. Facing the extreme shortage of domestic resources, we can only use scientific and technological means to manufacture or use other things to replace. Like the use of the rotary cutting machine. We can use it to make plywood, particleboard, fiberboard and other mechanical equipment, which can replace people's demand for solid wood.

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