Guoyu - the choice of professional veneer dryer!

With the development of mechanization, more and more manufacturers will choose some specialized production machinery in order to improve their productivity. For wood, moisture content is a big factor. A lot of wood factories will deal with the drying of veneer wood, which was naturally dried or exposed to the sun long ago. However, such an approach is restrictive and poorly controllable. Therefore, the veneer dryer was born, mechanized operation unified treatment, better treatment of wood.

Guoyu - the choice of professional veneer dryer!

There are many advantages of the veneer dryer, first of all, the consumption of the environment is relatively small, and the effective collection of sawdust can prevent the spread of sawdust everywhere. Secondly, the efficiency of mechanization has greatly improved the production efficiency, and the requirements for the site have been greatly reduced, so there is no need to occupy too many sites. Here we recommend the dryer of Guoyu enterprise. After years of efforts, the machinery produced by the enterprise has reached a complete system of leveling, drying and output.

Guoyu dryer has strong controllability in the use process. You can check the working status of the machine on the electronic display screen. If you find any wood that does not meet the specifications, you can also pause the machine by operating the electronic screen. Moreover, it is also very intelligent for the regulation of the whole process. It can adjust the efficiency of the machine and the degree of hot air at any time, so as to ensure the material quality of wood after drying, and also save energy and energy consumption.

According to the survey, many employees of large enterprises are old employees, and there are great difficulties in the use of machinery. Here, Guoyu also assures you that the formal training and one-to-one guidance are the responsibilities for you. Moreover, for the daily maintenance and repair knowledge of the machine, state reputation will also give you guidance. Guoyu's machines are basically simple and fool operated, greatly reducing labor costs, but also easy to maintain. For more details, you can go to our official website, and online customer service can answer your questions.