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Advantages of high speed mixer

02 Jun,2020

The glue mixer is the main equipment used to prepare the glue used in the plywood production process. The mixer is divided into vertical mixer and hydraulic lift mixer. The speed of the rubber mixer is suitable, the speed is too fast, it is easy to mix the air into the glue, so that the glue will produce foam. If the speed is too slow, the glue will not be evenly distributed. Generally, the speed is 20-60r / min. The volume of the mixer is determined according to the production capacity. Generally, one time of mixing should meet the needs of 1H production.

Features of hydraulic lift mixer:

1. Hydraulic lifting and even mixing.

2. Variable frequency speed regulation: select different speed according to different process stages to fully meet different process requirements.

3. The machine output can be customized according to the customer's requirements.

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