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Some Safety Requirements for the Use of Rotary Peeling Machines

16 Sep,2019

There will be certain danger in the operation of machinery, so the operation of machinery must follow certain principles. Rotary peeling machine is a necessary machine for wood processing. Although most of the machines sold on the market are highly automated, it does not mean that there is no need to pay attention to the operation of machinery.
So in order to ensure the normal use and safety of the rotary peeling machine, we need to do basic maintenance of the equipment, then let's have a brief understanding. Firstly, before using the equipment, the operator should check whether all the safety facilities are working properly and whether there are obvious defects in the equipment. Before starting the equipment, the operator should ensure that all the components are installed correctly and no parts are damaged. He should have a clear understanding of the keyboard and functions of the electrical operation and be familiar with the use.
Secondly, periodic inspection should be done to ensure the stable performance and safety of the rotary peeling machine, and the following frequency should be checked: before the test run of the new equipment, lubricating oil should be added to the moving parts such as the guide shaft, the hanger, the clutch gear and the roller shaft; and the new machine should be regularly moistened at the guide shaft, the hanger, the clutch gear and the roller shaft, etc. Lubricating oil; After 200 hours of operation, lubricating parts are lubricated twice every 8 hours.
For the normal maintenance of the rotary peeling machine, we have to divide it into three parts: before starting, during operation and after power failure. Every part has something to pay attention to, I hope you can strictly abide by it.
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