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What accessories do you need to choose when using the plywood hot press machine?

07 Apr,2023

it is also necessary to be equipped with some necessary accessories after buying the plywood hot press machine, so that it becomes more efficient and convenient when using the plywood hot press machine.

plywood hot press

A: Fast hydraulic system: We have improved the hydraulic system, added a high-pressure energy storage device, redesigned the valve block, and adopted larger diameters for all valves and pipes, so that the lowering speed of the oil cylinder is faster and shortens the pressing time , and the output of finished plywood boards is increased. At the same time, we changed our hydraulic oil cooling method and replaced the original water cooling with air cooling, which can lower the oil temperature by about 10°C than the previous model. Under the same use intensity, our machines are more stable and have a longer service life.

B: Asynchronous servo motor power saving system: There are two advantages of using asynchronous servo motor, one is to achieve the purpose of saving about 40% of power, and the other is that when the compressor is in the pressure maintaining state during operation, the motor and pump work statically. This increases the service life of pumps and valves in the hydraulic system by about 50%.

C: Electronic automatic temperature control system: The installation of the electronic temperature control system avoid manually adjusting the temperature of the upper and lower hot platens in the plywood hot press machine. It intelligently adjusts the heating system so that the temperature of the hot press platen is always automatically maintained within the temperature set by the customer .

D: Secondary circulation system: The secondary circulation system of heat conduction oil uses high temperature heat conduction oil pump and electric three-way valve or pneumatic valve with PMA imported temperature control instrument to realize that different temperatures produced by one heat conduction oil furnace do not interfere with each other, and the temperature can be controlled the temperature of the upper and lower hot-pressing plates is more accurately evened within one degree, so that the quality of the finished plywood is better.

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