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Why does the rotary cutting machine wear when it is used

19 Feb,2023

In modern construction engineering, we often use many different shapes of plates, either long or short, or large or small, so how are they cut from a large whole? This is the "credit" of the rotary cutting machine. So it is not always smooth in the process. We know that mechanical equipment is easy to cause wear and tear in the process of use, especially woodworking machinery equipment. Today, I will take the non-card rotary cutting machine as an example to talk about what causes its wear and tear.

the rotary cutting machine wear

One reason is that the thickness of the wood is uneven, the operation of the machine is discontinuous, and some of the chopped veneer cannot be used any more. The other reason is that the clamping head of the fixed wood consumes the end of the machine, causing the blade to become blunt, and the running speed will slow down, affecting the productivity. Therefore, the rotary cutting machine should be inspected and maintained regularly, and the parts should be replaced and maintained regularly, so as to avoid problems.

Before using the card-free rotary cutting machine, it is necessary to fully understand the structural performance of the equipment, avoid overload operation, stop the machine in case of problems and check in time, and pay attention to the inspection of each transmission belt at ordinary times, and keep the lubricating oil tank clean. To reduce the occurrence of these situations, we need to operate safely in the process of use, save materials, make rational use, and reduce resource waste

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