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Six main causes of deformation of hot-pressed plate

11 Mar,2023

When the hot press is pressurised, due to the two-layer effect of temperature and pressure, the hot press plate will often appear concave, crack, deformation, and sometimes uneven temperature, which will have a great impact on the processing effect. So, do you know what causes the deformation of hot-pressed plates? Today, ijiuku will give you a detailed introduction.

hot press

1. The condensation discharge of the hot plate is blocked, resulting in uneven temperature, so that each part of the hot plate is not uniform temperature.

2. In the production process, there are leaking plates, short plates or single plate-like density is too low, so that the pressure will be set to the thickness or lead to the deformation of the hot press.

3. When the hot press is working, the density of some plates is too low or the plates are too short, resulting in excessive pressure and deformation of the pressing plate.

4. The heating is uneven, and the temperature rises too fast during preheating, especially during cold preheating.

5. When steam is used for heating, the steam pipe in the hot pressing plate is sometimes not smooth or blocked by scaling. The uneven heat conduction during heating makes the temperature of each part of the hot pressing plate rise fast or slowly, resulting in hot pressing deformation, which is more likely to lead to hot plate deformation.


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