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Introduction to the function and principle of plywood hot press machine

08 Mar,2023

Plywood hot press is one of the main equipment in the plywood production process, which is used for hot pressing and gluing of the glued composite slabs. It consists of three parts: the hot press body, the control drive part (hydraulic system and electric control system), and the heating system. Many people are not very clear about the purpose and principle of the plywood hot press. Today we will introduce it to you.

plywood hot press machine

Function of plywood hot press machine

Plywood hot press is applicable to furniture manufacturers, wooden door factories, and wood-based panel secondary processing veneer. It is one of the main machinery of woodworking machinery, and is mainly used for hot pressing and bonding furniture panels, building partitions, wooden doors, and fireproof door surface material veneer. In various wood-based panels, such as plywood, blockboard, MDF, particleboard, various decorative materials, decorative cloth, wood veneer, PVC, etc., it can also be used for drying and leveling of veneer, leveling and shaping of color decorative wood chips, with remarkable effects.

plywood hot press machine

Working principle of plywood hot press machine

Positive pressure is applied on the basis of negative pressure, and special glue is used. For the processing of PVC series, the plywood hot press has a perfect line shape and adhesion force that can not be compared with negative pressure equipment. Because of its high pressure, low temperature and short film pressure time, it solves the deformation problem of the workpiece (especially large area workpiece) when the negative pressure equipment processes the workpiece, and greatly reduces the deformation degree of the workpiece.

The advanced electronic new product control is adopted, and the processing procedures of entering, rising, heating, vacuum, membrane pressure, stripping and falling can be automatically completed through adjustment. It is mainly powered by oil pressure and compressed air, so it is necessary to have enough air pressure and air volume. The frame is made of steel plates, and the overall structure is reasonable. The two worktables can be recycled or used separately. The vacuum can be adjusted to low pressure first and then high pressure absorption and coating, and the membrane pressure can reach 0.4MPa. Through adjustment, the product can achieve the desired effect.

The above content is the relevant introduction of plywood hot press knowledge shared with you. I hope this introduction can help you better understand and understand plywood hot press.

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