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11T plywood polisher

02 Dec,2019

The plywood polishing machine is used to polish the plywood to produce the core of the veneer board. It is often used as the equipment. This kind of mechanical equipment has a high degree of automation and can be performed by one person.

plywood polisher

More paramters about plywood polisher

name parameters
the processing thickness  2.5-80mm
sanding width 40-1300mm
1#abrasive belt on the linear velocity 18m/s
2#abrasive belt on the linear velocity 16m/s
3#abrasive belt on the linear velocity 16m/s
feeding speed 0-100m/min
abrasive belt size(W*C) 1360*2620mm
motor total power 97kw
main motor power 37+30+22kw
conveyor motor power 7.5kw
compressed gas consumption 0.8m3/min
wind dust collection system 25-30m/s
dust collection system air volume 10000m3/h
overall dimensions*(L*W*H) 3140*2800*3240mm
the weight 11T

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