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Plywood machine multifunctional automatic cold press machine

23 Mar,2020

Plywood machine multifunctional automatic cold press machine

Product Description

The cold press should meet the following points during normal operation:
1. Hydraulic oil requirements are suitable for the oil quality of cold presses, generally using 45# anti-wear hydraulic oil.
2 .The oil quality of the cold press needs to be updated once a year to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3. other parts should be regularly maintained.
4. pay attention to the lighting in the work, so that the operator and the staff can clearly see the table number of the electric control box, try not to leave a dead angle. Clean and bright lights are required in the cold press shop.
5. Check the equipment for good operation every day.
6. Check daily for oil participation and maintain it in time.
7. Both parties to the handover should make a thorough cut, and take care of the situation, and record the situation and problems and operation of the shift.

Cold press Details

Name plywood cold press parameters
model CP400
Total pressure 400T
Board feeding direction transverse
Layer soaceing 1800mm
Work plate size 2700mm*1370mm
Number of layers 1 layer
Cylinder 320mm*2pcs
Compression resistance 25mpa
Working methods full automatic
Power 15KW
Overall dimension 3550*1400*4100mm
Weight 10T
Upper and bottom beam 800mm
Thickness of the frame 30mm Q235
Middle beam 400mm

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