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plywood cold press machine

23 Mar,2020

The cold press machine is to compress the materials by preloading before hot press,it applied for press or bond the laminates to the plywood,door,plate or slabs.

plywood cold press machine
plywood cold press
name parameter
total pressure 400T
Board feeding direction transverse
layers 1 layer
layer spacing 1800mm
work plate size 2700*1370mm
cylinder ⌀320mm*2pcs
compression resistance 25mpa
composite frame assemble
working methods full automatic
power 7.5kw/18.5kw
overall dimension 3550*1400*4100mm
weight 10T
Upper and bottom beam 800mm
thickness of the frame 30mm Q235
Middle Beam 400mm


Main features

1.     the main frame is made of high quality steel plate with technical design and high strength,so it can bear heavy load.
2.     The high quality oil cylinders in domestic market and main hydraulic parts imported from Italy are applied in the pre-press machines to ensure the long term service life of machine.
3.     The machines use full automatic hydraulic system,which has accurate pressure control and short pressure cycle to make high work efficiency.


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