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plywood machinery cold press for sale

23 Mar,2020

Plywood pre press is an important part of our plywood machinery. This plywood pre press mainly consists of: oil pressure system, electrical control system, pressing plate balance mechanism, pressing plate and body.

plywood machinery cold press for sale


1. Oil pressure system: composed of oil cylinder, oil tank, oil pump, oil pump motor, control valve block and pressure gauge. The oil tank is equipped with oil. The oil pump is driven by the oil pump motor to pump oil. The oil is sent to the oil cylinder through the connecting oil pipe to make the oil cylinder work. The overflow valve controls the pressure of the hydraulic system and plays the role of a safety valve to prevent the tie-in overload; the one-way throttle valve can make the pressure piece generate back pressure during the extrusion process, and play a stable role. The electromagnetic ball valve is used to maintain the pressure set by the system, and the pressure gauge is used to display the pressure.


2. Electrical control system: it is mainly composed of main circuit and control circuit, in which automatic circuit breaker, fuse and AC contactor are used to protect the motor and solenoid valve of machine tool from overload, short circuit, voltage loss and undervoltage.

3. Press plate balancing mechanism: mainly composed of balanced lifting rack, lifting gear, rotating shaft and fixed rotating bearing. The left and right balance racks are installed on the fuselage, lifting gears are fixed at both ends of the rotating shaft, and bearings are installed at both ends of the rotating shaft, so that the rotating shaft can rotate flexibly. When the pressing plate is lifted, the lifting gear does not balance the engagement and rotation of the rack, so that the pressing plate is always balanced in the lifting process.

4. Pressing plate: it is composed of upper pressing plate and lower pressing plate. The upper and lower platens are welded by profiles and steel plates, and the working planes are processed by large-scale gantry milling machine, so as to ensure that the working planes are flat and smooth. The upper pressing plate is connected with the cylinder rod of the oil cylinder, and the lifting of the pressing plate is realized by the lifting of the oil cylinder. The lower pressing plate is directly welded on the fuselage base. Make the structure of the whole machine tight.


Hot Press Parameters
size 1225×2500mm
pressure 50-100T
Press plate thickness 1000-1500mm
Installation power 4KW
Pressboard height 1000mm
overall dimension 2950×1250×300mm

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