plywood machine Log debarker for veneer production

The Log debarker machine is mainly used to remove the epithelium on the log and the mechanical equipment of some laughing branches. Only when the bark of the log is removed, can the subsequent processes such as rounding and rotary cutting be carried out.Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies the new barking and rounding machine with high automation and labor saving. There are a large number of enterprises in India, Malaysia, Indonesia and so on. Customers feedback that these machines show high quality and efficiency in the production and processing of veneer.

Log debarker

Log Debarker More Paramters

Log debarker Machine Parameters
Processing length 1400mm
Processing diameter Φ 500-600mm
Remaining diameter Φ 22mm
Rotary cutting speed 90-120m / min
Peeling thickness 0.5-3.6mm
Operating weight 5000kg
Roller diameter Φ 105mm
Equipped with power 30.5KW
Double roll motor 5.5KW*2
Single roll motor 7.5KW*1
Processing materials Eucalyptus, maple, pine, straightened logs or residual wood cores.