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4 feet Log debarking and rounding machine

09 Dec,2019

4 feet Log debarking and rounding machine

4 feet Log debarking and rounding machine is a necessary mechanical equipment for veneer processing enterprises. Before veneer process of rotary cutting machine, the logs need to be peeled and rounded, so that when the logs are rotary cutting, the veneers with the same size and uniform thickness can be produced by rotary cutting machine.

Log debarking and rounding machine

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. Guoyu's wood machinery only uses a high CNC system to save manpower. At present, it has been unanimously recognized by customers in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and many other countries.


1.Suitable for rubber, eucalyptus, pine, cotton and other trees.
2. Before peeling, it will peel the log and straighten it.and make the wood round.
5. Carefully designed high-quality materials and precision manufacturing to ensure the continuity of each part of the quality work.rovide peeling machines. The front and back feeding makes the log efficient in and out of the unloader, and the large oil pump makes the feeding well lubricated and the work stable.
It well preserved the original manual peeling and rounding procedure

More Paramters

Name 4FT wood debarker
Log length 1300mm
Log diameter 550mm
Speed 80-90m/min
Total power 20.5kw
Single roller motor 7.5kw
Double roller motor 705kw
Hydraulic station 5.5kw
Main gear box 87' hardended
peeling knife size 1400*160*13mm
Weight 3.5T(about)
Size 3500*2200*1500mm
Roller diameter 140mm
Thickness of steel(up) 25mm
U-bar(bottom) 16mm
Oil cylinder length * diameter 60*9cm
Machine body materrial U-steel,round steel,Q235 steel plate

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4 feet Log debarking and rounding machine
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