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Plywood machine rotary cutter ordered by Indian customers waiting for shipment

30 May,2020

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large plywood machinery manufacturer, capable of designing and manufacturing a complete set of plywood machinery. Has the core mechanical manufacturing technology. At present, products in Southeast Asia, South Asia and many other countries and regions, with a large number of customers. Recently, the mechanical equipment ordered by Indian customers has been manufactured and waiting for shipment.

Plywood machine rotary cutter ordered by Indian customers waiting for shipment

The latest design technology and high-quality steel material production capacity of the rotary cutting machine customized by Indian customers do not have the characteristics of fast production speed, high product quality, etc. More important is the high degree of automation, only a small number of people can have carried out mechanical operation. To save more labor cost for plywood production enterprises.

In Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd., in line with the attitude of high responsibility to customers, all kinds of mechanical equipment are produced through strict quality testing, which includes the blade rigidity testing of rotary cutter, motor power durability testing, etc. through this complex testing process, the quality of the product is fully guaranteed. After these machines are shipped to customers, Guoyu machinery will immediately start up, after-sales technical guidance, so that customers can smoothly install and adjust plywood machinery and equipment. This is the performance that Guoyu machinery is highly responsible for customers.

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