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Vietnamese customers order several veneer rotary cutting machines

20 Mar,2020

Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. received orders from Vietnamese customers. The new rotary cutting machine has become a hot plywood machinery and equipment for overseas customers, and has received orders from Vietnam, India, Indonesia and other countries. This is the recognition of overseas customers for Guoyu machinery, and also the power for us to continuously develop and develop new equipment.

Vietnamese customers order several veneer rotary cutting machines
New veneer rotary cutting machine waiting for packing

This time, several rotary cutters ordered by Vietnamese customers have been prepared and are being packed. This batch of new veneer rotary cutting machine is the latest model developed by Guoyu machinery, with the most advanced control system. The veneer rotary cutting machine has high quality and uniform veneer thickness. Moreover, the blade is only made of high-quality steel, which has strong rigidity, is not easy to be damaged and durable, and can better create benefits for plywood enterprises.

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