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Fixed hydraulic plate turnover machine

24 Mar,2020

The most advanced technology is adopted to manufacture the veneer turning machine, which is a polishing machine for plywood production and effectively improves the production efficiency. It is mainly used for veneer turning (double sanding, double veneering, whole core repairing, combined veneer turning) in plywood and particleboard production process, and it can be used for special standardized export packaging bags without turning the plates one by one. When the containers are packed, they turn vertically It can be turned vertically without forklift back and forth. It can improve production efficiency and reduce losses.

Fixed hydraulic plate turnover machine

The turnover machine includes a base and a turnover body connected by the turnover hinge. The turnover machine is connected by the turnover hinge and the base. In the middle of the turnover machine is provided with a rubber roller, and the rubber wheel frame is connected with the base, so that the goods can be easily and quickly turned at any angle, or attached to the conveying line. The multi-stage speed control and the travel switch are used to turn the goods at any angle and move them to the next lane Assembly line: realize the three-dimensional process of goods transportation, without the characteristics of high delivery rate such as manual and traveling crane, etc., the turnover machine has simple structure, low cost, high working efficiency, safety and reliability.

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