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veneer peeling machine plays a very important role in plywood production

11 Mar,2021

In the production line of plywood, we usually peel and round the logs first, then spin the wood into thin veneers, and then carry out splicing, brushing glue, molding, cutting and other processes. In this way, plywood is produced one by one. This paper focuses on the veneer production by veneer peeling machine.

veneer peeling machine plays a very important role in plywood production

Veneer peeling machine is divided into no card and card, there are two kinds of ordinary and CNC, CNC is the use of digital microcomputer control, just the thickness and length of the veneer and other parameters set, press the button, the machine will automatically complete the wood Veneer peeling operation, the whole process does not need manual participation, convenient operation, high security. According to the different thickness of the veneer, the feed speed can be accurately transmitted to the inverter in real time, which can ensure the uniform thickness of the veneer, smooth and uniform length, making the production of veneer more convenient and simple. Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. supplies new plywood mechanical Veneer peeling machine.

NC card free rotary cutting machine is one of the main equipment for plywood production, which is divided into card free rotary cutting machine and card free rotary cutting machine. With the progress of science and technology, digital servo control technology is also applied to the production of rotary cutting machine. In recent years, NC rotary cutting machine has appeared. The appearance of NC lathe not only improves the quality and accuracy of veneer production, but also greatly improves the production efficiency and the degree of automation of the whole machine. NC card free rotary cutting machine is an important equipment in plywood production line or veneer production line. It is mainly used for the secondary utilization of the remaining (or rounded) Wood Cores cut by the card axis rotary cutting machine. The wood segments with different lengths and the wood cores within a certain diameter range are cut into veneers with different thickness, and the rotary cutting diameter is small.

Characteristics of NC card free rotary cutting machine。

1. The servo motor is used to drive the precision screw.

2. Changing the plate thickness only needs to input the plate thickness number, and there is no need to change the gear, so the rotary cutting precision is high.

3. Different kinds of wood can be cut together without affecting the thickness.

4. The surface of the board is smooth and not sensitive to the reaction of the internal and external sides of the wood.

5. Power saving, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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