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plywood paving machine with cutting saw plywood machine line

12 Oct,2019

plywood paving machine is a necessary mechanical equipment for the plywood production enterprises. The current plywood paving machine is the automatic cutting saw for the eastward travel.Plywood paving machines use the technology of hydraulic computer transducer and cutting sides automatically.
plywood paving machine

More Parameters

Name parameters
Power 13.5KW
Dimension 2700*1150*1580mm
Weight 5.6T
The cutting way Saw/blade
The loading automatic
warranty One year
specifications 18M/24M/30M/36M

Main Features

1.     It is suitable for making plywood/shuttering plywood and furniture can help plywood mills to reduce the production cost,save raw materials and decrease workers cost,it can be used in huge quantity production.
2.     It can cut the plywood in thickness from 5mm to 100mm
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