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Breathable veneer dryer factory direct supply price concessions

07 Nov,2019

veneer dryer machine


Name parameters
normal pressure 126 Tons
loading in direction transverse
size of hot plate 2700*1370*42mm
cylinder 1800*1200mm*2pcs
layers 15 layers
spacking of layer 80mm
hot platen 16 pcs
total power 8.5kw 380-50Hz
upper and bottom beam 500mm
middle beam 200mm(Detachable frame)
simultaneously closing system 2 groups
hydraulic system automatic hydraulic
total weight about 24T
overal size 3450*1370*3800mm

The fundamental principle of the veneer dryer is to improve the drying speed under the premise of ensuring the dry quality, saving energy consumption and reducing drying costs. Dry quality means that it is necessary to make the moisture content and dryness uniformity of the dried wood satisfactory to the processing technology; it is also necessary to adhere to the integrity of the wood, the shortcomings that are not allowed by technical standards, and not to weaken the wood and its finished products. The nature that should be. The drying speed refers to the degree to which the moisture content of the wood decreases in a unit time. The faster the drying speed (or the shorter the drying cycle), the less drying equipment and capital required, the higher the productivity and the less drying costs. When selecting drying equipment for production, it should be based on the tree species, standards, quantity, use and actual conditions of the production unit. With regard to the modern wood drying room, it is technically possible to ensure that the temperature, humidity and air flow rate of the drying medium and the external conditions of the dried materials are the same, in order to achieve uniform drying, and to be safe and reliable in operation. The control is sensitive and the labor intensity of the workers is small. The equipment is less invested, covers a small area, is effective, saves energy, and should also reduce pollution to the surrounding environment as much as possible.

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