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new plywood machinery order from southern India

11 Aug,2020

More and more plywood enterprises have been set up in southern India, which shows the rapid development of Indian plywood industry. Jiri received several orders for plywood machinery from southern India. These mechanical orders are mainly concentrated in high-end veneer rotary cutting machine, multi-layer hot press and other important mechanical equipment.

new plywood machinery order from southern India

In particular, some high-end plywood machinery and equipment are more and more welcomed by Indian customers. These machines have high working efficiency and low maintenance cost, which saves a lot of costs for enterprises. Create very large economic value. Recently, a customer in southern India contacted the company again to order high-end multilayer hot press equipment. The quality of these machines has been highly recognized by users.

More importantly, these machines can meet the requirements of plywood production and processing of various types of wood materials. Suitable for poplar, eucalyptus, poplar and Eucalyptus mixed plywood production and processing. It ensures that the plywood manufacturers can carry out the production and processing of a variety of plywood.

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