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Wood rotary peeling machine

04 Dec,2022

The board is made by the wood rotary peeling machine, which cuts the wood into sheets of uniform size, and then presses them through high temperature and high pressure. However, if the size of the sheet is not uniform, the quality of the sheet will be affected. The board manufacturer reported that when using the wood rotary cutting machine, wavy boards often appear, which reduces the flatness and aesthetics, affecting the board quality. What is the reason for the appearance of wavy plates?

wood rotarypeeling machine

The wavy sheet is caused by uneven knife gap of the rotary cutting machine. Because the unevenness may cause the plate to be thick in some places and thin in some places, forming waves. After a long period of rotary cutting, the blade becomes relatively dull, so the boards spun by the rotary cutting machine appear wavy. The solution is to adjust the knife of the rotary cutting machine, regrind the knife, adjust the knife gap, lower the knife a little, and then enlarge the mouth. If it still fails, replace the rotary cutting machine knife.

The wood rotary cutting machine supplied by Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is made of special steel. All wear-resistant parts are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel. The size is standard. During the wood rotary cutting process, it operates stably and reliably.

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