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India plywood machines wholesale

15 Dec,2022

In order to better expand the Indian market, Linyi Guoyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has formulated a series of promotion policies to provide users with high-quality plywood machines and equipment. Indian users are welcome to contact us for cooperation.

This promotional activity covers veneer peeling machine, hot press, cold press, boiler and other equipment. The promotion is very strong. We also welcome Indian plywood machinery vendors to talk about cooperation with us. We will provide users with perfect services.

plywood machines

The veneer cut from trees and glued together by two or more layers is called plywood.

1. Rotary cutting machine: Rotary cutting machine is a special equipment for cutting trees into veneer, and it is also the first process for making plywood. Generally speaking, veneer peeling and plywood making are separated, that is to say, veneer peeling is a factory and plywood making is a factory. There are many types of rotary cutting machines, but they can be divided into two categories: card type rotary cutting machines and card free rotary cutting machines. For details, see the following articles on rotary cutting machines, such as "Types of rotary cutting machines" and "Selection of rotary cutting machines".

2. Leather chopper: leather chopper is a kind of equipment to cut veneer into a certain specification, which is commonly used in three forms: manual, foot and electric. Manual peeling is an ordinary peeling method, with less investment and low efficiency. The foot cutting is flexible and convenient, and the investment is not large, but only one skin can be cut each time, so the efficiency is not high. The electric chopper can cut dozens of skins at a time. The investment is slightly large, but the efficiency is high. The use requires certain conditions. The manual and electric shears are suitable for the non clamp rotary cutting machine, while the clamp rotary cutting machine is flexible in using the foot operated shears.

3. Veneer cogging machine: when producing plywood, plywood, multilayer board, floor base material, craft furniture board, building film covered board, container board, blockboard, the area of the board is small, so it is necessary to splice several boards longitudinally.

4. Veneer dryer: veneer dryer is a device for drying peeled veneer to reduce the moisture content of veneer, so as to facilitate glue application when making plywood. The current veneer dryers include: mesh belt dryer, roller dryer, veneer dryer, press veneer dryer, chimney evaporation drying equipment, etc. For specific selection of veneer dryer, see the following article "Selection of veneer dryer".

plywood machines
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