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hydraulic cylinder in the plywood production machines

13 Dec,2022

What is hydraulic cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder is a linear actuator engineered to create a pushing or pulling force in a straight line. It includes a piston and rod assembly contained within a cylindrical bore which is actuated by the pressure and flow to produce mechanical force and linear motion.

What is hydraulic cylinder?

How to choose the hydraulic cylinder?

There are numerous factors need to be considered before choosing a proper hydraulic cylinder. The factors include the required force, cylinder mounting style, stroke length, speed, operating pressure, direction force, and means of stopping the work load after it is put in motion. Consideration to all these factors is necessary to adequately determine the required cylinder specifications to meet any given application.

The most important part in the hydraulic technology is hydraulic pump-which is powered by the engine -- hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors. The hydraulic pump is used to pump hydraulic fluid into the areas where need it. Hydraulic motors will fill it with fluid and the force cause them to move, thus powering part of the machine.

Why are the hydraulic cylinders so important in the plywood production?

There are some machines need the hydraulic cylinders in the plywood production process,such as hot press core veneer dryer and plywood hot press with plywood cold press. They are widely used in plywood production.

The hydraulic press uses the static pressure of the liquid to transfer energy to realize the processing of veneers or plywood baseboard. It plays an important role and can exert huge pressure on the plywood veneers or plywood board to achieve the required shape of flattening The function of the working medium used in the hydraulic press is not only to transmit the pressure, but also to ensure that the working parts of the machine work more efficiently and have a longer life. long and high reliability.

hydraulic cylinder in the plywood production machines

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