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What’s the benefits of drying veneer?

05 Dec,2022

The veneers quality can be much improved by successful veneer drying, then the plywood mills will produce high-quality veneers with less energy cost after With optimized veneer drying conditions, equipment, and process.

What’s the benefits of drying veneer

1.The drying becomes more efficient with up to +5% more operating hours available.

2.generally speaking, the more high-quality veneer will increase by 10% in each stack by drying.

3.the more valuable face veneers will be increase by 3% to increase the mill’s profits.

4.the glue consumption will be reduced by 20% in the plywood production process after veneer drying.

5.Less over-drying of veneer sheets

How to choose veneer dryers?

1.we need to know the materials features, thickness, mesh belt veneer dryer is suitable for veneers which are less than 1.5mm, and other three models of core veneer dryers are best for core veneers.

2.What is your drying capacity? the roller dryer is suitable for high capacity, when you need capacity of 2-5cbm/day and thickness is also above 1.5mm.

3.What is your veneer quality level? Breathing veneer dryer is best when the veneer quality is very good and capacity is not so high.

4.What is your budget for your investment?

5.You should also go to the mills of veneer dryers to check the strength of the single board dryer , the price and quality of the dryer, after-sales service.

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